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isuzu diesel engine. Смотреть видео ролик.
Дата: 2018-01-27
ДВС 15B-FT - дюна 137 Двигатель просто ИДЕАЛЬНЫЙ. Привезен из Японии. Машина куплена на… Фильм по теме шины Дайхатсу Дельта.
Дата: 2017-06-26
I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (http://www.youtube.com/upload)
Дата: 2015-04-01
RHD -JDM Imported directly from Japan , Auction USS. Daihatsu Rugger (Rocky-Four truck) EL Resin Top. 35-45MPG !!!!! Original mechanical winch PTO ...
Дата: 2017-07-24
Дата: 2017-06-28
This is the second video of this vehicle, explaining in detail what went into the design. Build plans available at: http//www.ElkinsDIY.com.
Дата: 2018-06-30
Part 1 of the canter king pin removal / replacement. after beating on it for a few hours, I gave up. try again tomorrow :) thanks for watching :)
Дата: 2013-06-29
A tribute to my trusty Daihatsu.
Дата: 2017-10-30
Removing Brake Drums, The "Easy" Way - Eric The Car Guy http://www.ericthecarguy.com/ Here is a little quick tip that I plan to post as a response to the brake…
Дата: 2010-08-04
Toyota BU30 สถานะสินค้า: สภาพเดิมๆ เครื่องแห้ง! (สตาร์ทติดขับได้)…
Дата: 2016-12-03
GT Radial RHU Best Parking Rally Team Ichiban GT Radial Rally Team Federal Mobil GT Radial Best Parking Rally Team Best Parking GT Radial Rally Team.
Дата: 2016-08-12
Дата: 2018-02-22
2JZ/PT67DBB Tuned by Arnout inhouse@suprasport on superflow.
Дата: 2014-08-25
Дата: 2013-06-03
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