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Дата: 2009-07-28
Jeremy Clarkson tests the Alfa Romeo 145 Hatchback Taken from an early 1995 episode from the old format Top Gear. Фильм по теме краш тест Alfa Romeo 146.
Дата: 2018-02-09
Rating: 3 star.
Дата: 2009-02-10
Дата: 2007-09-28
This car was driving in the national road within the maximum speed limit and the weather had fog . In front of it was a suv that was crashed alone in the…
Дата: 2011-10-05
I crash test frontale, small overlap e laterale sulla Alfa Romeo Giulia, secondo il protocollo IIHS.
Дата: 2017-10-03
Alfa Romeo 156, speed close to 80km/h Für weiterführende Informationen / for further Information / pour information supplémentaire: http://www.dtc-ag.ch.
Дата: 2016-04-29
Euro NCAP Frontal Impact takes place at 64 Km/h, 40% of the width of the car striking a deformable barrier. In the Full Width test, 100% of the width of the…
Дата: 2017-07-05
n this video you will see dear friends and visitors to my channel car accidents and crash.Accidents occurred through the fault of a gross violation of traffic…
Дата: 2017-11-01
Crash test Alfa Romeo 147 2001.
Дата: 2014-02-15
Дата: 2011-01-18
Дата: 2012-02-07
Alfa Romeo 147 İlanları için http://www.otositesi.net/ikinci-el/otomobil/alfa-romeo/147.html adresimizi ziyaret edin.
Дата: 2011-06-28
Дата: 2011-10-13
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