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Impact speed: 35mph The vehicle tested is complied with: -FMVSS 212: Windshield Retention -FMVSS 219: Windshield Intrusion The vehicle tested is not ... Смотреть видео ролик.
Дата: 2013-03-18
Quieres conocer el rendimiento de la FIAT Strada? Mira este video hecho por AutoTV y termina de convencerte. Фильм по теме краш тест Fiat Strada.
Дата: 2015-11-30
3 xr 600 en strada.
Дата: 2017-05-17
Fiat Strada Adventure 115 hp Motor 1.6 Caja mecánica de 5 velocidades Precio: $16990 Skbergé Peru https://www.fiat.com.pe/skberge.php Av. San Luis 2441 ...
Дата: 2016-09-16
Impact speed: 35mph The test vehicle does not appear to comply with all the requirements of FMVSS 301-75 Fuel Sustem Integrity Test note: Roof buckled over ...
Дата: 2013-02-21
Frontal Impact takes place at 64 Km/h, 40% of the width of the car striking a deformable barrier. In the side impact, a mobile deformable barrier impacts the…
Дата: 2011-03-12
Il crash test Latin NCAP sulla Fiat Palio con doppio airbag http://www.sicurauto.it/crash-test/news/latin-ncap-fiat-e-peugeot-migliorano-chevrolet-delude.html…
Дата: 2014-08-19
2013 Fiat 500 40 mph driver-side small overlap IIHS crash test Overall evaluation: Poor Full rating at http://www.iihs.org/iihs/ratings/vehicle/v/fiat/500/2013.
Дата: 2014-01-22
1980. fiat crash testing done on fiats ritmo, 128, 130, 131, 132.
Дата: 2010-03-11
1979 Fiat Strada Impact speed 30mph Thumbs up for the crash dummies! Do you think this vehicle is safe when compared to others in the same class? Please ...
Дата: 2012-12-29
From The Crittenden Automotive Library @ http://www.CarsAndRacingStuff.com.
Дата: 2013-03-01
2014 Fiat 500L 40 mph driver-side small overlap IIHS crash test Overall evaluation: Poor Full rating at…
Дата: 2014-07-30
Aus dem akkreditierten Bereich von crashtest-service.com: From the accredited area of crashtest-service.com: Fiat Uno vs. Stahlschutzplanke DIN EN1317-4, ...
Дата: 2015-11-11
Nice safety.
Дата: 2009-12-29
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