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Oh dear. I've done it again. The Colt has gone, the Rover died so I went car hunting once more. This is the full caper, from train station to my return home… Смотреть видео ролик.
Дата: 2016-09-29
Heading out for a Grand Tour in my new Honda S-MX, which now has a fixed gearbox after I fixed the engine, and improved bed arrangements. Then, with no ... Фильм по теме ������������ ���������� Honda S-MX.
Дата: 2016-10-08
Auto Tuning.
Дата: 2016-03-29
Honda S-MX.
Дата: 2016-04-30
This is my extroadinairly low mileage (25000km) RH2 Honda S-MX, AWD, B20B Japanese toaster import. I hope you enjoy the video!
Дата: 2016-03-10
A quick update on the Honda S-MX, as it celebrates an entire year on the HubNut fleet! This grey import has somehow become a keeper. I certainly didn't expect…
Дата: 2017-09-23
Почему некроJDM стоит возрождения, зачем субаристу хонда и наконец о чем вообще речь.
Дата: 2016-12-18
Admire my skills (ha!) as I try to rectify a brake issue on my Honda S-MX, with my usual brand of incompetence and big hammers. Disc retaining screws that ...
Дата: 2018-02-28
Honda S-MX тюнинг,кастом.
Дата: 2014-08-30
Черный Иртыш 2013. Казахстан.
Дата: 2013-09-03
Дата: 2015-10-24
Дата: 2017-11-22
Just a quick video to say goodbye to my Honda S-MX JDM Minivan. It has served me well! Changes are coming though... There will be fewer videos for a while ...
Дата: 2018-05-10
Honda S-MX разгон 0 100 км ч.
Дата: 2011-02-25
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